11 Parenting Hacks to Make Parenting a Little Easier

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite parenting hacks, from the little “Why didn’t I think of that” to the big “this is life changing!” to make parenting just a little bit easier.

1. The Secret Sticker Shoe Trick

Getting out the door on time is never easy, so why not implement this clever hack to help your little ones get their shoes on the right foot? Cut a sticker in half and place it on the inside of each shoe. When your little one puts on their shoes they just have to match the stickers in the shoes up and put them on!

2. Taco-Bout a Great Hack!

This is genius. Not only does this make it easier to eat, but also makes it easier to clean up, I’m all for that!

3. The Preschool Coat Flip

My little one learned this when she was three, and I don’t know what I did without it! With three little ones to get out the door- this one is a “running late” lifesaver!

4. Business Card in the Shoe Trick

I used to use this hack all the time before my little ones were too young to remember my cell number. I’d slip my business card or a piece of paper with my number in their shoe. That way if they ever got lost, they always had my phone number.

5. Bug Free Pool

A brilliant summer parenting hack to keep the kiddie pool bug free. Use a fitted sheet to make an easy cover that’s secure in 1, 2, done.

6. No-drip Popsicle Hack

What an easy way to keep popsicles from dripping all over! Pop the stick through a muffin liner and you’ll have an instant sticky-proof drip free barrier.

7. Paint – in – the – Box

What a brilliant hack to keep paint off everything else and ON the paper! Recycle your old subscription boxes and use them as a kid-friendly safe place to paint.

8. The “That’s Brilliant”- Door Lock Hack

Keep those doors from locking on your little one – all you need is a rubber band.

9. Tell-All Time Teller

With school just around the corner, this hack can help your little one keep to their routine. Use a dry erase marker on the outside of a clock (test it first) to color code blocks of time. That way your little one can look towards the clock to keep on schedule.

10. Baby Wipes are like Parenting Gold

Even long after your little one has passed the diaper stage, baby wipes STILL hold their worth as parenting gold. Use them for makeup remover, sneaker cleaners (they work amazing for sneakers!) post s’mores and more!

That was a fun roundup! Thank you to all the Instagrammers with brilliant ideas. Now to add ours!

11. Kid-Size Kitchen Workspace

This one is a Kudo Banz original. My little ones always want to help in the Kitchen, (for anything from easy mac to baking cookies or homemade pizzas) and while there’s the classic step stool or chair to stand on, they aren’t always sturdy or the right height. One day it hit me to do this: Put a cutting board over an open drawer and voila, an instant hack – a kid-sized workspace.

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