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Help! How do I get my girl dressed without drama?

When I was little my mom and I had an ongoing fight: what was I going to wear in the morning? My mom wanted to dress me warm and cozy for the long, cold New England days. She dressed me in turtlenecks and warm 90’s style jumpers, but I was a strong headed three-year-old who only wanted to wear my twirliest sparkly dresses. This caused a bit of drama between me and my poor mom. Each morning we fought about what to wear. I would get more dramatic and say she was trying to make me look like a “boy” and throw big tantrums to start our day off on the wrong foot.

Here I am being a diva and sporting my 90’s fashion as a child.

Since then we have only managed to butt heads on style a few times. Today I wish for my mom’s sake she had had these simple tips to make the morning routine go smoother. Here are the top 5 tips from Kudo Banz to get your little one dressed without the drama.

1.  Accessorize!

Make getting dressed a fun event. If your little one isn’t thrilled with the outfit you have picked, make it more fun by telling him or her they can pick the accessories they get to wear. They can pick out hats, pins, bracelets, necklaces and anything else that adds a little fun to getting dressed! We have used this tried and true tactic with my niece and it works every time. Now instead of complaining about putting on pants, she’s always excited to choose what accessories to put on with her outfit.

Me and my niece after playing dress up and accessorizing with crowns and bags… it’s ok to let your little one be silly and explore with fashion.

2. Try an organizational system.

Investing in a days-of-the-week clothes organizer can be a lifesaver for moms and dads everywhere getting kids ready in the morning . You guys can  choose a week’s worth of outfits together on sunday. That way their outfits will be ready to go. Your mornings will run smoother with no stress. Your kiddo can get dressed themselves and still  feel that indepence they crave.

3.  Make a virtual outfit photo album.

He or she can see all their favorite outfit options. Involving them in the process helps them assert their independence while letting you still be mainly in control of picking out the actual outfits.

 My niece is always so into fashion and is forever wanting to wear “heels” like mommy and auntie.

4.  Give them options.

You can also lay two different outfit options for them to choose in the morning. That way they know they have two options, and it will be less stress for you to try and decide what they should be wearing that morning.

5. Use Kudo Banz!


Kudo Banz makes getting dressed in the morning fun. Tell your little one in order to earn the first of their charms they have to get dressed with no complaints and without arguments. This way they can earn their first Kudo charm for the day, start out on the right foot, and mom and dad won’t be stressed out in the morning.


These 5 simple tricks are super simple, fun and will keep your little ones happy every morning so you won’t have to battle like I used to with my mom. Let us know if you have any parenting hacks that you would like to share below in the comments!

PS. My mom and I eventually did agree on fashion, that is before I was a teenager… So, until then good luck! 😉