Meet the Founding Family

Founder & Mom of 3

Sofia, age 10
Product Development Specialist

Ayaan, age 13
Budding Art Director

Mickey, age 14
Founding Kudo Kid

Founding Dad, Hubby & Dad of 3

Favorite family moments:
We love the beach, family dance parties and try to always look at the positive side of things.

Biggest family challenge:
Going with the flow when things aren’t working the way we thought they would.

Meet the Kudo Banz Team


Founder, Creative Director
Mom of 3

Favorite parenting moment:
being creative together.
Biggest parenting challenge:
getting my 7 year old dressed.


Director of Business
Dad of 3

Favorite parenting moment:
playing outside.
Biggest parenting challenge:


Marketing Director
Mom of 3

Favorite parenting moment:
snuggling up to read a story
Biggest parenting challenge:
getting my kids to listen without repeating myself 100 times.


Lead Graphic Designer
Auntie of 10

Favorite auntie moment:
drawing contests, scary stories, and building snowmen.
Biggest auntie challenge:
not playing favorites.


Marketing Associate
Auntie of 3

Favorite auntie moment:
exploring nature together and teaching them snapchat!
Biggest auntie challenge:
keeping calm in the face of chaos.

The Story Behind Kudo Banz

Hi there! I’m Amanda, founder, and mom of 3. When my first little one was three years old, I struggled with parenting him more positively. I wanted my little guy to grow up believing in himself, but the old parenting methods like yelling and time-outs just left us both unhappy and sent him the wrong message. I knew something had to change so I read a looooot of books and did a bunch of research. That’s when I turned to the sticker chart method. Problem was, we were always on-the-go, and the sticker chart was always stuck at home. My little guy and I couldn’t remember it!
So I invented Kudo Banz, a sticker chart for his wrist! I knew I wanted him to grow up confident and proud of who he was, so I started focusing on the positive instead of the negative. Simple things like leaving the park, trying new foods and cleaning up stopped being such a struggle. His No’s turned into Yes’s and he went from “I can’t” to “I’ll try”. He was excited and proud and the whole family was happier. I went on to use Kudo Band with my other two little ones, Ayaan who is a year and a half younger than Mickey and Sofia, my youngest. Kudo Banz taught them to grow up confident too. Sofia learned to try new foods and dress for the weather (she’s a girl who only loves sundresses, even in winter!). I always dreamed of spreading positivity and helping other kids and parents who has the same daily struggles. Then, my husband Hamza encouraged me to follow my dreams and make Kudo Banz a reality! Now our entire family works together to bring the power of positivity to parents and kids everywhere!

Our Journey Into The Shark Tank

A few years ago my hubby and little ones finally convinced me to take the deep dive into Shark Tank. We’ve been avid fans since day one, and I always dreamed of being on the show but, yikes! I’m such an introvert. My confident little ones said, “c’mon Mommy, you can do it, we’ll be right there with you”. I couldn’t let them down. It was both the best and the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

We auditioned in Pittsburgh in 2018. The journey was full of ups and downs as we navigated our way through the rounds of auditions and then finally to the show! It was so exciting yet overwhelming meeting the Sharks in person and pitching Kudo Banz to them and the world. I felt so blessed to see my kids in front of their idols. So confident, they took to the stage with ease. I only wish I was that confident when I was younger! Did our family get a deal? No, but deal or no deal we all walked away with one of the most incredible experiences we’ve ever had, and on December 10th, 2021 we took on the tank—again—and this time my kids had a product of their own! I couldn’t be more proud.