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Finally, after a long day it’s that time now… bedtime. Take a deep breath and gather all your remaining patience. Bedtime seems to be when kids turn into monkeys and lose all attention span. It shouldn’t be surprising to kids when parents say, “Get ready for bed,” yet somehow they look at you with utter confusion. Bed? What is that?

Kudo Banz is a great tool to help kids learn their bedtime routines. Find challenge areas and give kids a Kudo when they successfully do these things. It could be just going upstairs to get ready without complaint, not fooling around when getting ready, remembering to floss or staying in bed and not asking for extra things. Soon kids will get into great bedtime habits. The key is sticking to a routine so they know what is expected of them.


  • Start bedtime routine on-time and without complaint
  • Put on PJs and put away daytime clothes
  • Go potty and wash hands
  • Brush and floss teeth well (like dentist taught you)
  • Wipe off any toothpaste from sink and counter
  • Pick book in a timely manner and read together (or alone depending on age)
  • Say goodnight and give hugs/kisses without prolonging process
  • Stay in bed the entire night

* If bath/shower night, start routine 10-15 minutes early.


Create Schedule Together: Involve kids in developing a bedtime schedule. Include number of books, hugs and kisses in schedule. Post it on a wall so you can easily refer to it.
Sleep Environment: Kids sleep better when their rooms are dark, quiet and cool. Of course, a little light like a night light or hallway light is fine. Also some kids really like sound machines to block out other house noises when they sleep.
Stick To Routine: Kids thrive on routines. Once you develop a bedtime routine, stick with it! Always give kids a warning (“10 minutes until we get ready for bed”) and keep the routine to 30 minutes or less. Within 1-2 weeks, it will become second nature which means less reminding on our part.
Cut Back On Activities: It is tough to keep to a bedtime routine when the family is getting home late from activities. Try not to overschedule activities that go late into the evening. Kids, like adults, need time to wind down before bedtime.
Bedtime Snack: Some kids need a snack before bedtime so they don’t wake up from a growling tummy. Keep it small and healthy like whole grain cereal, graham crackers or fruit.
Remember The Lovey: Bedtime means separation from parents and siblings. Kids fall asleep easier when they have a security object, “lovey,” like a teddy bear or blanket.

Kudo Banz Behavior Milestones:

Kudo Banz is like an on-the-go chore chart. Positive reinforcement reinvented to meet the needs of today’s millennial families. As kids grow, they are constantly learning new behaviors. Reaching these milestones in a positive manner is where Kudo Banz comes in! We are here to help start and end behavior in a fun and positive way. Sticker charts or chore charts are often stuck at home, Kudo Banz is always there when you need it since it is right there on your child’s wrist (keeping them motivated to reach their incentive goal).

Finally, a behavior chart that works for your family and makes raising good kids easy and fun. Say goodbye to yelling and tantrums. Kudo Banz makes positive parenting simple.

Growing Happy Families.