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Homework time can be challenging for many families. It is important to know it is common. Every child is unique and will have different homework needs. Some kids have trouble getting motivated to start, some get easily overwhelmed when there is a lot to do, some get emotional when they get stuck on a question and some struggle with attention span to get it all done. Working with your children to understand their own growth areas, will help you develop a homework strategy that works best for them (and you).

Kudo Banz is a wonderful tool to help kids successfully complete their homework. The band gives kids a constant visual of their progress right on their wrist keeping them motivated. Kudo Banz also makes it easy to set and celebrate homework goals. Like all things, once kids develop healthy homework habits, things will get easier. Below are some suggested steps to help build strong, independant homework habits.


  • Remember to write all homework assignments in planner
  • Remember to bring home all necessary books/folders for homework
  • Begin homework at set time/place without complaint
  • Read directions 2 times before beginning work
  • Tackle one subject at a time (remain calm, all will get done)
  • Try and answer all questions before asking for help (if stuck on question, move on and come back to it later)
  • Be open to listening and learning when Mom/Dad help


Make a Homework Plan Together: Agree on a set time and quiet place to do homework. No technology (other than what is needed to do homework) is allowed. Limit other distractions around the house during homework time.
Encourage, Encourage, Encourage: Positive reinforcement goes a long way! Constantly build them up. They need to believe they are smart and can accomplish their work. Your job is to encourage and believe in them, not to do their homework..
Stick to the Plan: Kids thrive on structure. Being consistent will help develop the habit during homework. Plus, you are demonstrating that you value education by having a structured homework plan.
Take Breaks: If things become too heated/intense, step away for 10 – 15 minutes. Allow your child to take a break too. Then encourage them to stay calm and try again.
Stay Calm: This is key. Don’t engage when kids get upset about their homework. Getting into a yelling match won’t help. It just wastes time and makes you feel guilty. Remain calm and positive.
Empower Ownership: Make it clear to your kids that they are responsible for their homework. You are only there to help when needed. Kids need to learn to make their own choices (like how hard to study for a test) and deal with the consequences. This is more effective than constant parent nagging and hovering.

Kudo Banz Behavior Milestones:

Kudo Banz is like an on-the-go chore chart. Positive reinforcement reinvented to meet the needs of today’s millennial families. As kids grow, they are constantly learning new behaviors. Reaching these milestones in a positive manner is where Kudo Banz comes in! We are here to help start and end behavior in a fun and positive way. Sticker charts or chore charts are often stuck at home, Kudo Banz is always there when you need it since it is right there on your child’s wrist (keeping them motivated to reach their incentive goal).

Finally, a behavior chart that works for your family and makes raising good kids easy and fun. Say goodbye to yelling and tantrums. Kudo Banz makes positive parenting simple.

Growing Happy Families.