Real Parenting: The Honest Perspective

Being Thankful for The Family Chaos

When you feel your life start spinning out of control, stop and take a breath. Look for the beauty taking place around you. Take a mental snapshot. These are the moments that make your life feel full and give you meaning. Embrace the chaos.

The day to day can be overwhelming.

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of motherhood. Life becomes a blur of chauffeuring kids, diffusing tantrums, mediating arguments, and stumbling upon constant messes. No one listens. Kids only have one volume… LOUD! Repeating yourself over and over does nothing but add to the noise. It always seems to end the same way: mom flying off the handle, screaming for the world around her to pause. Just for a moment! At least that’s what happens at my house.

Sometimes it can feel as if you are drowning in the chaos. When they say the days are long and the years are short, they mean it! This season of motherhood is exhausting. The days are so packed full of activities it’s a wonder we all survive them. Yet, doesn’t it seem like just yesterday they were sleeping peacefully in your arms? You couldn’t imagine putting them down, let alone taking your eyes off them!

Where does the time go? One minute we are anticipating their arrival, and the next we are counting down to bedtime so we can take a break. Do you know what comes next? Their departure. Before you know it, they will be off and into the world on their own. No looking back! Well, we hope they will look back at least a little. Regardless, the result is always the same. The chaos that drives us crazy turns into a peace that is just too quiet. It is in those peaceful moments when we reflect.

There is beauty in that chaos.
Life lessons learned that provide value. Milestones, celebrations, bonding, and most importantly love flows freely. When your children think back on their childhood, they will remember these moments as being the best times of their lives. The chaos of motherhood brings a lifetime of memories we hold dear to our hearts. Don’t wish it away! Be thankful for every moment you get. As life changes, and it will, your wish will be to return to the chaos.


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