Bye Bye Diapers. FREE Potty Party Printables.

The time has come to say “Bye Bye” to diapers. My child is ready. Am I ready? How do I begin potty training?

Say “Hello” to Kudo Banz! Kudo Banz has made potty training simple with their innovative Potty Training Kit. This kit gives parents like me one resource to turn to that takes out all the guess work in potty training. Plus, it is super fun for kids! Learn more here.

A great Kudo Banz tip is to kick-off potty training with a “potty party”. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate (guests can be as simple as you, your child and some “invited” stuffed animals). The point of a potty party is to show your kid how exciting becoming a “big kid” is and how potty training is going to be a positive (and fun) experience.

Also the storybook that is included in the Potty Training Kit is about Drago & George going to a potty party. After reading the book, kids are even more excited to have a potty party of their own!

To make your potty party even more fun and easy, Kudo Banz has put together awesome FREE Potty Party Printables in BOY and GIRL designs. They have thought of everything and made it super easy for us non-crafty people to understand. Here are a few examples.


Happy Potty Party!


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