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Daddy for a Day. A Unique, Fun Way for Kids To Celebrate Father’s Day.

At Kudo Banz, we believe that quality family time is very important. That’s what inspired us to create this fun and easy way for little ones to celebrate Father’s Day. Kids will enjoy being “Daddy for a Day” and Daddy will enjoy being doted on by a little parent-in-training. This Father’s Day, give the kids some quality time with Dad while teaching them what it’s like to be a dad.

Mom and kids can plan the day together. Start by asking your children some questions about Dad and what he likes to do. Some of the answers may surprise you!

In our house, it’s no secret Daddy likes to sleep in when he can. You’ve heard the rule “never wake a sleeping baby.” We also have the rule, “never wake a sleeping parent!” Let the kids know the whole house needs to be quiet so Daddy can sleep.

While Daddy is sleeping, the kids can make breakfast – well, at least set the table and pour some cereal. When Daddy comes down for breakfast, the kids can wait on him or at least take his order like miniature waiters. “Daddy, would you like some coffee? Can I get you some orange juice?”

When it’s time to get dressed, have the kids lay out clothes for Daddy. Daddy may have to be a bit of a sport about wearing some non-matching clothes, but Mommy can also provide a little coaching so Daddy doesn’t have to wear a bathing suit to church or a coat and tie to the beach.

While Daddy is getting dressed, have the kids think of some fun things to do with him. Teach them that daddies always have to be thinking ahead of time. Have them ask Daddy what he wants to do. If it’s a game, have them set it up and decide who goes first. If there’s some daddy chores to do, get the kids to do them or at least help – even if it’s just clearing the table and putting dishes in the dishwasher. If Daddy wants to relax, perhaps have the kids watch a “daddy show” with him (e.g. baseball, golf). Try to get them to think for themselves what else needs to be done or what Daddy would enjoy doing.

After lunch, have the kids put Daddy down for a nap. They should make sure he goes potty first and is in some comfy clothes. They can then get him his bottle (of whatever Daddy likes to drink), read him a story and tuck him in, maybe sing him a song. Be creative – have the song be something Daddy likes. Bruce Springsteen? U-2? Whatever Daddy’s favorite music is.

At dinner time, kids can take the lead in setting the table and serving Daddy. Maybe they can ask Daddy about his day or ask some questions about work, a home improvement project, or whatever else Daddy is interested in or working on at the time. Have them encourage Daddy with positive words.

Whatever you decide to do with your day, make sure Daddy gets lots of hugs and kisses. And if Daddy is really good, maybe he can earn a Kudo or two.


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