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DIY Printable – Memory Board Meaningful Craft

Kids love holidays even when they don’t quite know what the holiday is about. Coming up is Memorial Day. Parents have the day off from work and there’s no school either. It’s likely that everyday families spend the holiday celebrating the start of summer weather, having a barbecue or sitting by the pool unless there’s a parade in town. When we have little ones it’s hard to explain why Memorial Day is an important holiday. This year at Kudo Banz we wanted to make celebrating Memorial Day a little simpler for kids, by focusing on cherishing memories and loved ones rather than a history lesson (we’ll get there when they’re older!).

We created an easy and fun DIY Memory Board for parents and kids to do together to celebrate Memorial Day without losing some of the true essence of the holiday.

Materials Needed:

Kudo Banz DIY Memory Board Printable (download here)

8.5”x11” Card Stock (or any heavyweight) Paper

Markers or Crayons (to write or doodle)


Tape or Glue

Optional Materials:

Glitter, Stickers, Paint!

Magnets (for fridge)

Picture Frame (to hang)

Easy Steps:

  1. Download the Kudo Banz DIY Memory Board Printable. Print as many as needed (1 per child).
  2. Have your child write or draw within the squares. Have fun!
  3. Cut out the squares. Don’t forget the family plaque!
  4. Glue or tape the cut pieces onto a separate 8.5”x11” paper or larger if multiple kids.
  5. Hang your Memory Board on the fridge using magnets (just tape works too!), or put it in a picture frame for a lasting memory piece.