Easy Easter Pop-up craft

Activity Time: 20-30 mins

The kids had a blast creating this easy Easter themed craft– and the pop-up part kept them busy for another 20 mins even after the activity was done! It also uses minimal supplies which is a plus! Since it was a sunny day, we decided to do this craft outdoors- it was great to get some fresh air and a change of pace!

You’ll need:

  • Kudo Banz printable: download it here.

  • Paper plate

  • Scissors

  • Crayons, markers or colored pencils.

  • Stick for the pop up (you can use anything you have around the house: unsharpened pencil, chop stick, or straws all work)

  • Tape or Glue (or both)

  • Pencil


First, print out the Kudo Banz printable. There are three characters to choose from- Drago, George or a cute DIY Bunny. Little ones can make one or all three depending on their attention span. It’s super easy to swap out the pop-up (and making all three will keep them busy longer!).

Using a pencil draw a zig zag line through the middle of the paper plate. Older kids can easily do this all by themself, younger kids may need a little help.

Using kid-friendly scissors, have your little one cut along the zig-zag pencil line. Sometimes the corners are tough so they may need a little help with this part.

Now comes the fun part! Coloring! Kids can draw a simple pattern or even an Easter scene. (Coloring always brings out the kid at heart, Even older kids may surprise you, this is the point where my 13 year-old who was adamant that he was “too big”  jumped in and said, “oh that looks like fun, I wish I did one” at which point I offered him the other half and he happily colored away!)

Adults: once the creations are complete, use the sharp end of the scissors to slice a hole wide enough for the stick. We collected a few different versions of “sticks” that we had around the house, you can use whatever you have laying around like an unsharpened pencil, takeout chopsticks, or straws.

Next, choose your pop-up. Drago & George are super easy, simply cut our along the dotted lines.

To make the bunny: draw a cute face on the upside-down heart shape and then color in the rest.

Then, cut along the dotted lines and glue the parts onto the upside-down heart shape face.

Thread the stick through the hole in the plate and use a piece of tape or a glob of glue to secure the pop-up of your choice to the stick. (if using glue let it dry well before playing with pop-up)

For even more fun: have the kids use the pop-ups as puppets and put on a show. Simply remove the pop-up part from the egg, throw a table cloth or blanket over the kitchen table and have them use their imagination to create a spring themed show– you may even get another 40 mins of alone time before they need another snack!

That’s it! Hoppy Easter!