Fall Fun: The Top 5 Fall Family Activities!

The crisp air, beautifully colored leaves and smell of bonfires let us know that Fall is here. And what a fun, magical time it is! Fall is one of my all time personal favorite seasons. So grab your pumpkin spice coffee and get cozy while we tell you our Top 5 Favorite Fall Family Activities.

1.  Head to a local farm with your little ones.

My niece and I love to head to the local farms around our area. As animal lovers, it’s so nice to be able to enjoy the cows, goats, and other farm animals, as well as see how a real working farm operates. Sometimes, we even get to feed the little animals which is a real treat for us two city girl animal lovers!

2. Go on an adventure nature hike.

One of my favorite things to do in autumn is to get out there and enjoy the nice crisp weather while we still can. We love going to our local state and city parks here in New England. We can even put our little french bulldog, Ace, in a backpack and trek him up the mountain so he can enjoy the view too! You can also pack a healthy lunch and snack to enjoy once you’ve made it up the mountain to make it extra special. Your little one will love having an adventure and a picnic with you.

3. Go apple picking and eat all the apples you can!
Apple picking is one of our all time favorite things to do with the whole family. Each year since I was a kid, our family has gone out and picked as many apples as possible at local apple farms. We have a family competition of who can find the best apple, or the biggest, and many times have gone to great lengths to get the “golden apple” and win bragging rights within our own family. I love being able to eat an apple right off the tree before going home and making all the yummy apple treats with the little ones!

4. Pumpkin EVERYTHING!

We have to mention the biggest fall activity of them all: Pumpkin EVERYTHING! First we go out to our favorite pumpkin patch and search for the perfect pumpkin. If you have very particular little ones like we do, this might involve picking up and inspecting multiple pumpkins, answering questions like why they have dirt on them and aren’t a perfect shade of orange as imagined. After finally finding that perfect pumpkin, we go home and eventually carve them with the kids. Mostly, this entails Mom, Auntie, and Nana getting dirty and doing the actual carving with some light help from the kids. We like to carve them close to Halloween and make elaborate designs to show off on grandma’s stairs. The night doesn’t end until we go trick or treating in grandma’s neighborhood, known for its enormous candy haul!

5. Lastly, leaf jumping (and occasional picking up of leaves).

The simple joys of jumping into a big pile of leaves is another one of our favorite family activities in the fall. It brings me back to my own childhood, and is still just as fun now as it was then! It’s great to get the kids out to pick up the leaves initially, but getting more fun than work done, especially on a beautiful, breezy fall day. The kids love jumping in and out of the leaves, raking them back up into large piles, and doing it all over again!

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