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Family Trip Time: Chicago Style!

                                                      Enjoying the Skydeck at Willis Tower!

Last week we jumped on the plane and took a family trip to one of America’s best cities: Chicago! The kids loved the windy city and we even made some friends at our hotel. It was such a fun experience and we all can’t wait to go back. Here are some of our favorite spots we visited while on our family trip. We highly recommend going to Chicago, The kids can’t wait to go back already!

1.The Navy Pier

                                                      Visiting the Navy Pier in Chicago!

The first place we went to was the Navy Pier! After we landed we ended up having a beautiful (and a bit windy, as promised) day. We decided since it was going to be the nicest of the days we were there that we should head to the pier for an early dinner with the kids and nana.

We headed towards the famous deep dish pizza place Giordano’s and were all amazed at how good this stuffed pizza was! The kids had no complaints eating this great pizza. It was so cheesy and very filling. We definitely recommend anyone with kids to order their food first before they get a table as the wait can be long since it is considered the place to go for deep dish pizza in Chicago. We did this and our pizza came so fast once we were sat,  it was awesome!

 Trying to get the famous cheese pull pic!!

We also saw some amazing art installations outside near the pier.  One was called loop which is an illuminated musical installation. It was like a storybook animated come to life when you “looped” together to activate the mechanism which plays beautiful images inspired by fairy tales. Visiting the navy pier was a great family time, We loved that there was a lot to look and that it was very kid friendly. 

                            The handsome brothers having fun in Chitown!

                      Brother and Sister loved playing together!

Nana and Sofia LOVED this art!!

2. The Field Museum

                                            SUE The largest TREX found!

The field museum holds the largest, most complete and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex ever unearthed. My kids LOVED this museum! It was so interesting and they learned so much. We spent the whole day exploring this museum and seeing all the cool exhibits. Our favorite was the DNA/ Evolution section! The kids loved learning all about how we evolved and how DNA shapes who you are and what characteristics you have.


                                            Cutie pie Sofia with Sue!

3. Shedd Aquarium

                                                       Dolphins at the show!

                                                   Our little reptile friend!

                                                         My little animal rescuer!

Every year Shedd Aquarium welcomes 2 million guests for unforgettable encounters with belugas and bluegills, stingrays and so many more animals from aquatic environments around the world. This was a HUGE hit with the family! The Shedd aquarium was one of the best aquariums we have ever been too, the kids loved seeing all the sea and land creatures. We went to see the dolphin and sea lion show which was amazing. Cruz is actually a blind sea lion who shedd rescued and taught how to thrive in the world using sound. It was so cool for the kids to see that even animals who have hardships can perseverance through it and come out successful! We loved visiting shedd and seeing all the work they do for the creatures that they take care of.

4. The Art Institute of Chicago

                                          Vincent Van Goghs famous self-portrait

One place I knew I had to show the kids was the art institute of Chicago. They had some of the greatest artists work displayed in their museum. Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Andy Warhol were displayed at the art institute just to name a few. The kids loved looking at all the different art. We only had the morning to explore as we had to hop on our plane to go home, but we easily could have spent all day looking at all the great art there. The kids also loved seeing the Thorne Miniature Rooms. These rooms were tiny and intricately built rooms made to look like they were out of the colonial period and beyond. They were so cool. We loved seeing the museum, and as a graphic designer, I was so happy my kids loved looking at the art and sharing moms love of all things artistic!

                                           Jackson Pollock Artwork

                               Flowers painted by Pierre A. Renoir

5. Chicago has SO MUCH to check out!

We could on FOREVER about the rest of our favorite places but we thought we would let some of our pictures do the talking for us!! We truly can’t wait to go back to the windy city, Chicago and explore even more places as a family.

                                  Having hotdogs art the famous Portillos!

                                                         The very busy Bean!

                                                              Amazing Views!

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