Frequently asked questions

What ages is Kudo Banz designed for?

Kudo Banz is designed for kids over 3 years old. Primarily we see it used by kids aged 3 – 10, but any child over 3 can benefit from it.

What devices are compatible with the Kudo Banz app?

The Kudo Banz app is only available on Apple App Store and is compatible with most iPhones or iPad tablets with the latest software updates.

Which Kudos do I scan with the Kudo Banz app?

Use any “Magical Kudo” to scan with the Kudo Banz app. These Kudos can be easily recognized by the white star on the Kudo (often the character is holding the star) and they also are the only Kudos that have black clips on the back. Within the Starter Pack, the Magical Kudos are the monkey (George) and the dragon (Drago).

How frequently should Kudos be awarded?

How often a child earns a Kudo is up to you. Do what is best to motivate your little one. Often we see kids having the potential to earn their Magical Kudo (3 rd and final one on band) and spin the reward wheel once a day. Younger kids may need more frequent opportunities to receive Kudos than older kids. For more info visit: How and When to Give out Kudos

What do I do once my child fills up their band?

After your child has earned their 3rd Magical Kudo and spun their reward wheel, simply remove the Kudos and start again. It’s that easy. Often times we see kids fill up their band once a day, so they tend to start fresh each morning.

Can I take a Kudo away from my child?

While it is tempting to take a Kudo away from your child, don’t do it. Kudo Banz motivates kids through the use of positive reinforcement, which is the proven method to create lasting behavior changes. The key is to keep the program positive and give attention only to the behavior that you would like to see repeated. You child will not earn any additional Kudos while misbehaving so this sends a powerful message that negative behavior is not rewarding.

What types of rewards should I add to my child's reward wheel?

We’ve found that rewards that matter most to your child but are simple enough to be given in a reasonable time frame are the best. We have found that “time” rewards (like playing a game or reading a book) are often more meaningful that “tangible” rewards (lollipop or small toy). Time with Mommy and Daddy is priceless. We’ve also created a big list of more reward ideas.


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