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Finding your child’s “currency”.

Every child has a “currency”, don’t worry parents that doesn’t mean money! A “currency” is something that deeply motivates your little one, something that they are passionate about.

Finding out this currency is powerful when trying to motivate your little one to learn or change a behavior. Like adults are motivated to work everyday because they know that they will earn a paycheck, recognition, growth and success, the same strategy can be used for kids. Once you figure out your child’s “currency” you can use it to come up with creative ways to motivate your little one.

For example, let’s use “Dinosaurs” or “Dolls” as an example.


  • Play Dinosaurs with Mommy
  • Dinosaur TV show
  • Dinosaur Puzzle
  • Dinosaur Stickers
  • Dinosaur Snack
  • Dinosaur Hide & Seek


  • Play Dolls with Mommy
  • Dolly Tea Party
  • Doll Stickers
  • Bring a Doll to School/Playdate
  • Doll Matching Game
  • Doll Coloring Sheet

This motivating “currency” is something different for everyone and is unique to your family and your child. Your child might be into pirates or princesses, M&M’s, a certain TV show or special time with just mommy or daddy. Every parent will have a different philosophy and each child will have a different “currency”. Some won’t want to use sweets as a reward and that’s ok. Others won’t approve of TV; that’s ok too. Every child and family is different.

We’ve made it easy to brainstorm ideas that will motivate your little one. Download our quick and easy brainstorming sheet to find the best things to use when motivating your little one.

Download the Brainstorming Sheet.


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