Goodbye School, Hello Kudo Banz

Summer is around the corner and we can’t wait! Fun in the sun, beach time and an occasional summer meltdown are in the air. It can be a challenge trying to keep the kids busy all day with no school in sight for months to break up the day. Kudo Banz will be there for you, helping you both have the best summer ever together!

Kudo Banz helps your child stay on task and attain goals. Check out how easy it is to get started with Kudo Banz and start goal setting with your children.

Setting Kudo Goals with your child is simple and fun. We created a kid-friendly way to set goals with your little one. The Kudo Banz “Adventures of Drago and George” storybook is a easy to use, illustrated way to introduce Kudo Banz to your child. To get started, read the book with your child. At the back of the book, there is a page to note your child’s Kudo Goals. When discussing this page with your child, talk positively about what things they want to learn to do better (as opposed to what things they don’t do well). Also, talk to them about how learning new things is part of growing up and will make them feel great!

It is usually best to pick one specific behavior goal to keep kids focused. Once they have mastered the 1st behavior goal, you can choose to either take a break or move onto another goal. Every kid is different, so any goal that makes parenting easier and your family happier is great! Reaching goals this summer is simple when you and your child use Kudo Banz together. Kudo Banz will be there as you and your child navigate summer fun together!