Holiday Traditions – Spending precious time with family

The holidays are such a magical time in our household. We love to celebrate Christmas along with all our special family holiday traditions during this time of the year. And today we wanted to share some of our family’s favorite holiday traditions with everyone.

Cookies with Nana start the holiday magic.
We love to all go over to my sister’s house and make cookies with Nana every year. The kids love baking with us and spending some quality time together before the holiday gets too busy. Each year we say we’re going to decorate our cookies too, but sometimes poor Mr. Gingerbread man gets left without his gumdrop buttons on. The important part to us isn’t perfect looking cookies, its spending time together.

Christmas in NYC is a must-see.
Each year we also love going to NYC and seeing the tree! This tradition started many years ago for our family, as my aunt lived in the city and would always take us around and show us all the cool holiday events New York City has to offer. The city is so magical during the holiday time. We wanted to make sure the kids got to experience how wonderful the tree looks at Rockefeller Center and share the same great memories from our childhood to theirs.

We also love going to see all the wonderful window displays on 5th Ave. The kids love looking at all the unique creations. After exploring and walking all day, we usually go to Serendipity for an amazing cup of cocoa and treats.

We never forget the Polar Express Train.
Another holiday tradition we love is going to see the Essex Polar Express Train. The train is set up just like the much-loved movie and has us going to the North Pole to meet up with Santa! The kids get to dress up in their cutest Christmas PJs and board the train on their way to see Santa. The kids love this so much, they even get a small gift for Santa at the end of the ride! It is so magical to see the kids excitement as we head towards the North Pole to meet Santa. Afterwards, we get pizza at one of our favorite spots and spend the rest of the night together. Both the kids and adults really have fun on this magical ride to the North Pole.

Toodles the Elf comes over every holiday season.
We, adults, love hiding our little elf, Toodles, all over the house during the holiday season and surprising our kids with what he has been up to that day. It’s a fun way to get into the holiday spirit and the kids love to see what antic Toodles is going to get into each day until he goes back to the North Pole to live with Santa.

Last but not least, the Christmas tree.
Our last and the most important tradition we have is decorating our Christmas tree! Every year we have such a good time getting together and putting our special ornaments on the tree. The kids even enjoy untangling the lights and helping us put them on. The boys usually have a competition on who can put their ornament on the highest tree branch.

To have family traditions and spend some quality time together is what the holidays are all about. These awesome and fun holiday traditions truly make the this time of year so special. Here at Kudo Banz, we hope you have a very happy holiday no matter what your family traditions are!

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