Your purchase makes a difference.

For every purchase made, we will donate towards a school-wide
Kindness & Gratitude Campaign for a school in need right here in the U.S.

Our goal is to help make the world
more positive, one kind act at a time.


Our mission is to help empower both parents and kids to harness the power of positivity and build kids confidence.

We aspire to make a real difference in families and kids, and we give to support this mission. The Look for the Good Program broadens students' awareness to a wider range of positive thoughts and actions. Not only does this make students more constructive and creative, but it also builds life resources that make them more resilient and confident.

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Our Giving Partner

Originally founded in 2011 by Anne Kubitsky as a public art project, the Look for the Good Project has transformed into a nonprofit organization to imprint life-long patterns of optimism in school children. Since launching their scientifically-backed K - 6 school program in 2016, over 120,000 students in 31 states have written almost 2 million messages of gratitude to uplift their communities!


helps kids build a positive outlook and positive self-image.

How Confidence Makes a Difference in Kids Lives:

Kids with Confidence:

  • feel proud of what they can do

  • see the good things about themselves

  • believe in themselves, even when they don’t do well at first

  • feel liked and accepted accept themselves, even when they make mistakes

Kids with Low Confidence:

  • don’t think they are as good as others

  • think more about the times they fail, than the times they do well

  • don’t feel liked or accepted don’t notice the good things about themselves

  • are hard on themselves and give up easily

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