Is Your Child Ready to Potty Train? Take Our Quiz & Find Out

There is no exact age a child should begin potty training. Every child is unique and when he/she will be ready to use the potty may not be the same as a sibling or friend. That is O.K. Often potty training timing is driven by a pre-school deadline. This can put undue stress on both the child and parents. A better guide to knowing when to begin is your child. Take the simple quiz below to find out if your child is ready to begin potty training.

Answer YES or NO to each question below:

  1. Does your child express some interest or excitement about the idea of going potty like a big kid?
  2. Does your child feel uncomfortable in a soiled diaper or even takes off dirty diapers?
  3. Does your child have a good attention span; can he/she sit quietly for two to five minutes?
  4. Can your child pull his/her pants up and down on their own?
  5. Is your child a “potty broadcaster” – tells you when he/she has a dirty diaper, is about to go potty or is currently going potty?
  6. Is your child willing to try and use the potty (not overly resistant to it)?
  7. Can your child follow simple multi-step instructions?
  8. Does your child use “potty lingo” (e.g. pee, poop, potty)?
  9. Is your child “potty predictable”- has scheduled times he/she tends to go?
  10. Are you changing less diapers? Does your child have a dry diaper for a longer period of time?


If you answered YES to 5 or more questions above, your child is ready to begin their potty training adventure! Be encouraging and calm and your child will do great! Check out the Kudo Banz Potty Training Kit that includes everything you need to make potty training easy and fun!

If you answered YES to 4 to 2 questions above, your child may be ready. If you feel it can wait a bit, wait. If there are some pressures to begin sooner than later (pre-school deadline or an upcoming life change like a move or new sibling), than give it a try and be willing to stop if child gives you a lot of push-back. Use plenty of positive reinforcement to encourage your child. Kids love receiving Kudo charms for using the potty. Check them out.

If you answered YES to only 1 question or NO to all questions, wait a bit longer to potty train your child. Waiting doesn’t mean your child is “behind”. It just means that he/she needs a little more time. While you wait, talk about the potty in a positive way and read fun potty books (check out The Adventures of Drago & George and the Potty Party included in the Kudo Banz Potty Training Kit). This will help your child begin to process and accept the idea of going potty like a big kid someday soon!


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