mom & daughter hugging

Its Kudo time: Using Kudo Banz

Kudo Banz is designed to be flexible, and grow with your little one. Kudo Banz is great because you can take the Banz out as you need them, and put them back once a behavior is mastered.
Once my baby girl learns a new behavior, we put our Banz away until we need them for something new. I took my Kudo Banz out this past week to help my little girl through a new “me, me, me” phase. She’s been testing the limits in our household, and since she’s the youngest of three, my hubby and I often fall into the “Awww she’s too cute to say no to” trap. (but she is!)
It took me a few days for me to have the “AH-HA! Kudos moment” – the moment when I realize I can use her Kudo Banz to help me get through something new. You’d think that moment would be automatic, but as a mom, I get so caught up with the routine that I forget that I have a tool to use (yes, even me, and I created Kudo Banz). I found myself resorting back to my fall back parenting methods “no, no, no, no”, “stop that”, “go in time out”
mom & daughter hugging
Once we started constantly using Kudo Banz, she went from disagreeing with me on almost everything to listening on almost everything. I love how every time I take her Kudo Banz out it helps us get through “rough patches” more positively. It makes me feel like a great parent because I take the time to realize all of the great things that she does instead of focusing on the negative. She was so excited today that she ran upstairs to brush her teeth, put her pj’s on and tell mommy and daddy and that she was ready to get her last Kudo! How’s that for good listening!  I’m so proud of my baby girl. Every time I reintroduce her Kudo Banz she amazes me.