Kudo Collections

Kudos Spotlight: Safari Collection!

This month we are putting the spotlight on one of our favorite Kudo collections: The safari collection! The Safari collection was created with animal lovers in mind. We had such a fun time creating these kudos and would love to take a minute to share with you our safari collection!



First up we have Kooly! Kooly the tiger is courageous, fierce, and determined. Kooly is a fun-loving tiger who is always up for a challenge. Once he sets his mind to something, he’ll always succeed.

Secondly, We have Reble the Lion! Reble is kind, confident and is always the leader of the pack!  He is a confident lion who has the courage to always choose kindness. He takes pride in being a good leader.


Ella the Elephant is here to share the love, She is a gentle, loyal and strong elephant! She is a loving, gentle elephant who is loyal to the end. Although she is super strong, she is a big softy on the inside.

Congo is always ready to play. Congo the Monkey is curious, energetic and silly. Congo is a fun monkey who is the life of every party. He loves to ‘monkey-around’ and keep his friends laughing!

Oli the Giraffe is clever, quiet, and exceptional! Oli is a quiet giraffe who is super sweet and clever. She may look different than others but that is what makes her exceptional.

Lastly, we have Cody the Zebra. Cody is unique, active and cheerful. Cody is a cheerful, kind zebra who loves to play with his friends. He is proud that no one else has stripes like his!


The Safari collection is a great way to motivate your little one!  Your animal loving child will love these fun kudos and be so excited to earn them each day. This fun collection contains 6 Kudos; 2 of which are magical that unlock new reward wheel animations! Kids will be excited to see these fun Kudos dance on screen. They are a great way to keep your little ones focused and motivated. Make sure to tune in next time to learn about our next collection.