Meet Drago & George


Outgoing and expressive.


Creative and caring.

The Adventures of
Drago and George.

Dakota and Gino are two brothers with big imaginations. The boys transform into the characters, Drago and George, and embark on an adventure to learn good listening with the help of their Nana and Kudo Banz. They discover that listening is fun and that helping out makes them feel great. Kids love learning about Dakota & Gino's listening adventure!

Meet the main characters.

Dakota is Drago.

Outgoing and expressive, Dakota plays by the rules, most of the time. He is silly and likes to make people laugh, but sometimes over does it and gets into trouble!

Gino is George.

Quieter than his brother but equally silly. Gino is very creative, caring and helpful. He’s a good listener most of the time, but sometimes it takes him two tries.


Dakota and Gino’s Grandmother. Kind, huggable and creative, Nana invented the story of Drago and George to help Gino and Dakota learn important life lessons.

Dakota & Gino's Family

A growing family. Dakota and Gino’s family welcome their newest member, fun and spunky Tessa, who will someday join their adventures as Tigeriss.

Behind the Story.

The Adventures of Drago and George is based on the real life story of our founder, Amanda’s little ones and their Nana. When the boys were young, they used to go on adventures with Nana and transform into the characters Drago and George.

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