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Meet Our Kudo Banz Classroom Kit

Our classroom kit is finally here! Kudo Banz was originally created with parents in mind, but teachers use positive reinforcement in their classrooms every day.

After our Shark Tank episode aired, so many awesome Teachers, OTs, and Special Needs Educators emailed us and asked us to create a Teacher Kit for their classrooms, so we created it!

Sticker charts are always, well, stuck! Kudo Banz “unsticks” the sticker chart and puts it right on a child’s wrist where they can always keep their goals in sight and in mind, making positive reinforcement easier and more effective!

Because it’s on their wrist kids can remember the things they are working on. Just like adults need “bands” to remember their “Steps” and sticky notes to get things done, kids need visual reminders too!

While sticker charts and clip charts are always “stuck” on the wall, Kudo Banz is busy making it easier for kids to reach their goals, while making classroom management easier too! Since Kudo Banz is always right there on their wrists, kids can remember what they are working on whether they are at stations, in the hall or even in music class.

 This connects the entire school climate and creates a positive reinforcement tool that helps develop social and emotional learning throughout the school.

Kudo Banz aligns with today’s school initiatives and competencies like PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports), Growth Mindset, and SEL (Social & Emotional Learning).


1. Read the Drago & George storybook with your class. This introduces the concept of Kudo Banz in a really easy and fun way! At the end of the book there is a spot to set goals.

2. Hand out the Banz to your class. Each child starts with an empty band to fill with kudos for the day.

3. Kids earn Kudos for their goals, like good listening. This keeps kids motivated to continue building good behaviors and turning them into habits.

4. As kids fill their Banz and reach their goals, they take off the kudos and add them to the Classroom Jar! They start again the next day. Once the Jar is filled the classroom unlocks the magical reward wheel and earns a classroom reward! 

 Kudo Banz is SUPER flexible. We made it so that it adapts to different classrooms and behaviors. Kudo Banz can be used as a group goal or for individual goals. Teachers can set it up the way it works best for them! Some teachers have kids earn an individual prize once they’ve filled their band, some teachers fill the classroom jar and then the classroom gets a group prize. Some teachers give out three Kudos, some teachers have kids slide their Kudo from 1 to 2 to 3. Some earn 3 per day, some earn 1 per day and build on it. The best part about Kudo Banz is that it’s flexible! Teachers can set it up any way they’d like. We are so excited for all our wonderful educators to join us on this journey with Kudo Banz. Stay tuned for more resources for teachers on our blog coming soon!