Easy Kid-friendly Recipes

Switch things up with this fun Lunch or Snack – Monkey Banana Sushi


Time: 15 mins prep, 15-20 mins to eat.

This fun, easy to make snack (or even lunch!) is a great way to break up all the turkey and tuna sandwiches, and *BONUS!* you probably won’t even have to nag your little one to eat it! Best of all, the kids can help, making it both an activity AND a meal!

You’ll need:

  • Flour Tortillas or Bread

  • Peanut Butter, Nutella, or your favorite variant like Soynut butter or even melted chocolate chips

  • Bananas

  • Optional: choc chips, strawberries or any other creative add in’s you’d like!


First spread the soynut butter (or spread that you chose to use) onto your tortilla. If you want to use bread, scroll down to the bottom of the post for a quick how to prep your bread.

Next cut and sprinkle toppings you’d like to add. We used strawberries and mini chocolate chips.

Next peel your banana. We had some fun peeling our banana like a monkey!

Did you know? The easiest way to peel a banana is by pinching the end of the banana (black part) and then peeling. This is how the professionals do it (aka the monkeys!)

Next, place the banana on the tortilla. And roll!

Tip: Use some extra soynut butter (or topping) to seal the edges of your tortilla.

Next, use a sharp knife (adults) or kid knife (for kids) to slice the tortilla into 2 inch slices.




How to Turn bread into “tortillas” for your “Sushi”:
It’s easy! Use a rolling pin to flatten the bread, then cut off the edges.

That’s it! This was a super fun and easy activity– and a yummy treat too!