Parenting, The Comic Truth: Top 10 Parenting Quotes

When you have kids, there’s never a dull day. As parents we love to compare and relate our experiences raising kids and the crazy thoughts we’ve all had about parenthood. Sometimes a funny quote from another parent, whether he or she is a celebrity or not, can be exactly what we’ve been thinking about. Other times we just find them hilarious, and we know that parents can never read too many funny quotes about parenting.

Here are our latest Top 10 Funny Parenting Quotes:

1. Pants are important.


2. What’s the best way to navigate through parenthood?


3. Kids will find you anywhere in the house if they want to.


4. What’s cute, fun, and never runs out of energy?


5.  What parents really want for Christmas:


6.  This.


7. Bloodshot eyes, exhaustion, memory loss…


8. We’re wondering the same thing.


9. Basically we’re always asking, “What happened?!”


10. It’s part of the job description.

We hope you enjoyed these funny parenting quotes as much as we did!