Welcome to our Positive Parenting Movement!

About our Movement

Kudo Banz is starting a movement – a Positive Parenting Movement! The mission of the movement is to bring a voice to positive parenting; to spread awareness about its effectiveness and easy ways to parent more positively. In addition, our mission is to build a dynamic community of positive parents to support one another.

Spread Awareness

Over the past 7 years of researching parenting methods, we have found that doctors and parenting experts all agree on the effectiveness of positive parenting. This is what Kudo Banz is based on. If we continually focus on our children’s negative behavior and negative parenting methods like yelling and time-outs, it will have a negative impact on them. We are on a mission to turn things around, to focus more on the positive. We are here to provide easy ways to parent more positively so we all can make positive parenting a habit. Together we can spread awareness about positive parenting. Together we can make a difference within our own families and in others too.

Join our Community

Follow us on Instagram and join our positive parenting community where you can get tips, support and hear about special events. Our community will strive to break the “perfect parent barrier” and be transparent about the “real” everyday joys and struggles of parenting. Let’s come together to support one another.

Parenting made easier with Kudo Banz.