Potty Training (Finally) Made Simple.

Potty training your children is always an adventure. As parents, you truly don’t know how it will go. If you have multiple kids, inevitably each kid responds differently keeping you from ever really figuring it out. Oh what fun!

I’ve potty trained 3 kids and I’m happy to report I survived. Potty training my first kid was easy, my second kid took a bit longer and my third kid was a complete disaster. I didn’t have much of a game plan going into potty training (aside from keeping M&Ms on hand for a potty reward). There wasn’t a lot of potty training products available at the time.

Enter Kudo Banz Potty Training Kit. How I wish it was invented when I was potty training my kids. Finally, a complete resource for potty training. Kudos to Kudo Banz! Here’s the skinny on what comes with this innovative product:

Engaging Potty Storybook:
A hardcover “Potty Party” storybook comes with the kit. It gets kids excited about their potty adventure. Plus, in the back of the book, it gives parents helpful tips for potty training! The storybook kicks off potty training in a fun and helpful way for both kids and parents!

Fun Wristbands:
Over 95% of parents use some kind of positive reinforcement to potty train their kids. Kudo Banz has made it super simple to give positive reinforcement no matter where you are! No more sticker charts stuck at home, Kudo Banz goes where you go! Plus, kids can easily see their potty progress right on their wrists with the 1, 2, 3 on the bands. Since using the potty is new for little ones, they need this on-going awareness to keep focused.

Cute Kudos:
What are Kudos? Kudos are adorable charms that clip onto the bands. Every time your child uses the potty, they get a Kudo. Easy to give at home and on-the-go (no more melting M&Ms in your purse). The kit even includes a convenient carrying pouch for taking Kudos on-the-go. Kudos make kids feel so proud and they love all different Kudo characters. Which Kudos will they wear today?

Simple Kudo Banz App:
The Kudos that go on the #3 spot on the band are MAGICAL! Scan them with the Kudo Banz app and the Kudos come to life. Kids absolutely love watching their Kudo character dance around the room. The app is super simple to set-up and use (trust me I am the last person to use any app that takes more than 2 minutes to set-up). The app also has a customizable reward wheel kids get to spin. The rewards focus on family time like “extra book at bedtime” or “family freeze dance”. Fun rewards that don’t take long but mean a lot to kids!

So as you can see the Kudo Banz Potty Training Kit comes with everything you need to motivate your little one to use the potty in a fun and positive way! It takes the work out of potty training and makes us parents feel like we have it together 🙂 Check it out for yourself. Remember the key to potty training (and life) is to stay calm and positive.


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