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03/14/19 – – ‘Shark Tank’ Shelton family dives in with Kudo Banz

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03/11/19 – University of Bridgeport – ‘Shark Tank Watch Alert

03/09/19 – PATCH.COM Shelton-Derby – Shelton Family To Appear On ‘Shark Tank’

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06/05/18 – AWARD – Fundamentally Children –


11/30/17 – BLOG – Boston Moms – “What to Do When Your Elf Flies North.


11/18/17 – BLOG – Fairfield County Moms – “My Kids Love Kudo Banz, and I Love Parenting More Positively.


11/14/17 – BLOG – San Diego Moms – “Positive Reinforcement with Kudo Banz.


11/13/17 – BLOG – Fairfield County Moms – “Kudo Banz :: Encouraging Positive Behavior.


11/7/17 – BLOG – Duluth Moms – “Parent More Positively With Help From Kudo Banz.


10/31/17 – ARTICLE – Parent Co. – “2017 ABC Kids Expo Editorial Round-Up.


10/18/17 – AWARD – Family Review Center Seal of Approval


10/18/17 – AWARD – Family Review Center Seal of Approval


10/17/17 – TV – Fox 5 KVVU Las Vegas – “ABC Kids expo comes to Las Vegas.


10/10/17 – AWARD – Family Choice Award Winner

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8/29/17 – TV – Western Mass News – “Kudo Banz are a fun way to motivate good behavior.


8/27/17 – BLOG – Real-Life-Mama-Drama “Kudo Banz.


8/22/17 – AWARD – National Parenting Product Awards Winner


8/17/17 – AWARD – Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner


9/23/17 – BLOG – ‘Lil Burghers “Kudo Banz: Helping Our Kids SOAR.


8/17/17 – AWARD – The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Winner


9/15/17 – BLOG – Mommygorjess “Making moms life easier with #KudoBanz.


9/3/17 – BLOG – Barefoot and Loving It! “Kudo Banz New Reward System.


8/17/17 – AWARD – Hot Diggity Award Winner


8/6/17 – TV – WTNH News Channel 8 – “Using positive reinforcement to keep kids motivated.


7/25/17 – AWARD – Mom’s Choice Award Winner


7/10/17 – AWARD – Tillywig Announces Kudo Banz as Parenting Product of the Year


6/21/17 – AWARD – Creative Child Announces Kudo Banz as Parenting Product of the Year


6/5/17 – TV – WFSB News Channel 3 – “Unique way to reward children.”         


6/1/17 – Product Launch

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Our Company

Kudo Banz is an innovative yet simple and fun way to make parenting easier. It is a positive parenting tool that teaches kids to listen without yelling so you can spend your family time more positively. Imagine a sticker chart, but on a child’s wrist – so it goes where they go and is always there when parents need it.

Kudo Banz are colorful kid wristbands with the numbers 1, 2, 3 on them. For good behavior, kids receive fun-themed charms for their wristband called “Kudos”. The Kudos provide immediate and positive feedback and the numbers make it easy for the kids to see their progress. The Kudo that goes on the #3 spot is magical! It contains an embedded AR code that when scanned with the free Kudo Banz app, the Kudo character magically comes alive. The Magical Kudo also unlocks a customized reward wheel on the app allowing for parents to recognize and reward good behavior when it occurs no matter where they are. And to make sure the kids stay motivated over the long term, kids move up a level in their Kudo World each time the reward wheel is spun. Easy, on-the-go and effective – Kudo Banz is a parenting game changer.

Kudo Banz also comes with a creative storybook to teach kids about Kudo Banz in a fun way and get them excited to begin their Kudo Banz learning adventure.