Potty Training Kit with eBook


Potty training made simple! Award-winning Kudo Banz motivates kids to use the potty in a fun and positive way. Our potty training method is based on doctors’ findings on how best to learn a new behavior. It’s a wristband with collectable charms earned for using the potty. Plus, the magical charms come to life with the Kudo Banz app. Kudo Banz Potty Training Kit is made by parents that understand the needs of today’s busy families. Kudo Banz makes potty training easy wherever you go! Fun for kids, easy for parents.

Safety Tested For Ages 3+ Kid-friendly, non-toxic BPA & Phthalates free Warning: Choking Hazard – Kudo Banz contain small parts and are not intended for children under 3 years old.

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The Story Behind Kudo Banz

Hi there! I’m Amanda, founder, and mom of 3. When my first little one was three years old, I struggled with parenting him more positively. I wanted my little guy to grow up believing in himself, but the old parenting methods like yelling and time-outs just left us both unhappy and sent him the wrong message. I knew something had to change so I read a looooot of books and did a bunch of research. That’s when I turned to the sticker chart method. Problem was, we were always on-the-go, and the sticker chart was always stuck at home. My little guy and I couldn’t remember it!

So I invented Kudo Banz, a sticker chart for his wrist! I knew I wanted him to grow up confident and proud of who he was, so I started focusing on the positive instead of the negative. Simple things like leaving the park, trying new foods and cleaning up stopped being such a struggle. His No’s turned into Yes’s and he went from “I can’t” to “I’ll try”. He was excited and proud and the whole family was happier. I went on to use Kudo Band with my other two little ones, Ayaan who is a year and a half younger than Mickey and Sofia, my youngest. Kudo Banz taught them to grow up confident too. Sofia learned to try new foods and dress for the weather (she’s a girl who only loves sundresses, even in winter!). I always dreamed of spreading positivity and helping other kids and parents who has the same daily struggles. Then, my husband Hamza encouraged me to follow my dreams and make Kudo Banz a reality! Now our entire family works together to bring the power of positivity to parents and kids everywhere!