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72 + Reward Ideas for Kids. Free, Easy & Effective Ideas to Motivate Kids – Kudo Banz

The choices for rewards are endless! See our big giant list below for ideas. Have a great idea for another reward? We’d love to hear it.

Every parent has a different philosophy on rewards and each child will have a different “reward currency”— that’s ok. Some won’t want to use food as a reward. Others won’t approve of TV or electronics. This “reward currency” will be unique to your child and your family.

What type of rewards works best?
Kudo Banz balances both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. When a child receives a Kudo, they get recognition and praise. They also get a tangible Kudo charm to remind them of their progress. Then, when they fill up their wristband, they again get recognition and praise, followed by a reward of your choice.

This balance of praise (intrinsic) and reward (extrinsic) is a strong formula for changing negative behaviors into positive ones. Will I have to reward forever?

What are extrinsic rewards?
Extrinsic rewards are “concrete” rewards, tangible rewards that someone receives. Bonuses raises and gifts are all examples of extrinsic rewards.

What are intrinsic rewards?
Intrinsic rewards are “feel good” rewards, rewards that are not tangible. Feedback, recognition and trust are all examples of intrinsic rewards.

What types of rewards are best for my child/family?
Think about what is important to your child. Every child will have a different “reward currency”. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean money. If your child loves animals, instead of a “trip to the zoo” reward, try “play zoo with stuffed animals” or “take a walk with the dog”. Also remember time with Mommy and Daddy is priceless. Rewards like reading a book or playing a game are often the best. Create rewards that matter most to your child but are simple enough to be given in a reasonable time frame.

When working on changing or shaping a behavior, many small rewards are often better than one big reward. In the beginning, your child will be more successful at changing the behavior if given the chance to earn small rewards everyday. As you start, reward the behavior every time it occurs. Then over time, give the reward less often.

The Big List:

Time Based Reward Ideas:
1. Extra book at bedtime
2. Extra time outside
3. Play a board game
4. Family freeze dance
5. Build a puzzle
6. Play on the swing set
7. Play catch
8. Play-doh fun
9. Color together
10. Play cars/trains
11. Go to the park
12. Chalk time
13. Play with a favorite toy
14. Build Legos
15. Play stuffed animals or dolls
16. Family movie / show
17. Craft time
18. Play make-believe
19. Play dress up
20. Build an obstacle course.
21. Cook together
22. Bake together
23. Play sports
24. Science experiment
25. Go for a bike ride
26. Water play
27. Go swimming
28. Play tag
29. Sprinkler fun
30. Paint your nails
31. You choose- any playtime activity
32. Bubble time
33. Spread some kindness together
34. Teddy bear tea party
35. Play cards
36. Build a blanket fort
37. Play simon says
38. Play “makeover”
39. Lipsync or sing together
40. Play an instrument together
41. Play hide and seek
42. Decorate cookies
43. Feed the ducks
44. Paint
45. Play “school”
46. Make a card for someone
47. Have a ‘fancy” dinner
48. Paper plane contest

Non-Time Based Reward Ideas:

49. Pick any reward from the wheel
50. Playdate with a friend
51. Pick out library book
52. Extra treat after dinner
53. Lollipop
54. Special breakfast
55. No chores pass
56. Pick from the prize jar
57. Free pass on picking up playroom
58. Extra time on electronics
59. You choose dinner
60. Ice cream treat
61. Go to storytime at the library
62. Get a sticker
63. Extra snack
64. Visit Grandma
65. Choose from the treasure box
66. Your choice of cereal at store
67. New book
68. You choose what to wear day
69. Chores “day off”
70. One token towards a bigger reward
71. Breakfast for dinner day
72. Extra treat in their lunchbox

Have a great idea for another reward? We’d love to hear it.

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