Kudo Banz Starter Kit

Kudo Banz works like a sticker chart, but it goes on your child’s wrist reminding little ones of their goals. Great for all the tricky parenting challenges like getting ready, picky eating, cleaning up, bedtime or any other challenges that make parenting tough.



Parents have been using the sticker chart for decades, it's a great go-to parenting tool that works- problem is, it's always stuck at home.



Are always stuck at home.

Goes where you go, right there on their wrist.

Out of sight and out of mind.

Since it's always right there it reminds little ones of their goals.

Since they're always stuck at home, kids can't make the connection between their good behavior and positive reinforcement

Parents can reinforce good behavior anywhere, which experts have proven leads to faster results.

When kids know what is expected, can keep it in mind, and are reinforced in a timely manner- that's when they learn best.

We asked, they answered


  • Picky Eaters
  • Bedtime Routines
  • Getting Ready
  • Whining
  • Tantrums
  • Staying in Bed at Night
  • Listening when out and about
  • Cleaning up​
  • Potty Training
  • Doing Homework
  • Thumb-sucking
  • Doing Chores
  • Listening on the 1st try
  • Getting Along with Siblings
  • Keeping Hands to Yourself
  • Eating their veggies

Kudo Banz is flexible, allowing parents to use it for any behavior that is challenging.

It's fun & easy…

We've made it super easy to get started. Kudo Banz starts with a storybook where kids learn that listening is fun. At the end of the story, they get a cool band to wear and earn Kudos for their good listening. That's it!


The Story Behind Kudo Banz

Hi there! I’m Amanda, founder, and mom of 3. When my first little one was three years old, I struggled with parenting him more positively. I wanted my little guy to grow up believing in himself, but the old parenting methods like yelling and time-outs just left us both unhappy and sent him the wrong message. I knew something had to change so I read a looooot of books and did a bunch of research. That’s when I turned to the sticker chart method. Problem was, we were always on-the-go, and the sticker chart was always stuck at home. My little guy and I couldn’t remember it!

So I invented Kudo Banz, a sticker chart for his wrist! I knew I wanted him to grow up confident and proud of who he was, so I started focusing on the positive instead of the negative. Simple things like leaving the park, trying new foods and cleaning up stopped being such a struggle. His No’s turned into Yes’s and he went from “I can’t” to “I’ll try”. He was excited and proud and the whole family was happier. I went on to use Kudo Band with my other two little ones, Ayaan who is a year and a half younger than Mickey and Sofia, my youngest. Kudo Banz taught them to grow up confident too. Sofia learned to try new foods and dress for the weather (she’s a girl who only loves sundresses, even in winter!). I always dreamed of spreading positivity and helping other kids and parents who has the same daily struggles. Then, my husband Hamza encouraged me to follow my dreams and make Kudo Banz a reality! Now our entire family works together to bring the power of positivity to parents and kids everywhere!

Meet Drago & George.

Drago is outgoing and expressive, while George is creative and caring. Join them on their adventures as they learn good behaviors with Kudo Banz and meet new friends.

Grow happy families with Kudo Banz.

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