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Throw Out the Parenting Handbook Part II – Climbing

In our previous Throw Out the Parenting Handbook blog post, we talked about poop and the unexpected challenges that came with it. Today we’re tackling another part of parenting that you won’t find in books and be fully prepared for. Only experience can give you the full story.


Households fortunate enough to be devoid of hiders from our previous blog post, may find they have a climber instead. You may think the handbook has prepared you for this, but until you are looking several feet above your head at your stranded toddler (who only moments before claimed to be too tired to clean up their toys) you just can’t be sure of how you will react.

Not everyone gets a climber.

“I supervise my children,” you may say. “They couldn’t possibly get into that sort of situation if you were watching them properly.” For parents who have never experienced their toddlers getting into impossible places, to you I say congratulations. You do not have a climber. Trust me, though, your kid has his own thing, and if you can’t name what that thing is off the top of your head then watch out because it’s coming.

My child is a climber. What should I do?

For parents of true daredevils, expect to invest heavily in pillows and child-proofing, but be prepared for even your best safety measures to fail. Climbers are creative little problem solvers who love a good challenge, and if you can survive the many scares they will put you through, you will have the joy of watching them grow into innovative and resourceful adults.

Parenting is best done through experience.

So, while “the book” is a great starting point to get a handle on your basics, in parenting as in most other things, experience is the best teacher. Once you’ve boned up on the current safety recommendations, take a deep breath, throw out that parenting handbook, and enjoy the ride!

Stay tuned for more parenting challenges you don’t find in parenting books, uncovered by real parents just like you. Next up parenting challenge, and one of the most unexpected: Snuggles.