Top 10 Kid Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming! At Kudo Banz we can’t decide what we love more, excited kids, free candy, the awesome parties or hilarious costumes. My personal favorite is definitely costumes! It’s the one time of the year that random sewing class I had in high school ages ago comes in handy. Over the years I’ve made superhero and game character costumes such as Teen Titans and Mario Party, favorite cartoon characters like Care Bears, storybook characters like Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf (when there were only two very young trick-or-treaters), and even Pokemon costumes for my nieces and nephews.

Finding costume inspiration and ideas on Pinterest really allows families to get creative for Halloween. We’ve compiled our own list of Top 10 Kids Costumes:

1. A super cute, hilarious classic! Toddler grannies and grandpas. We love the toddler sized walker for its visual effect as well as usefulness in helping little ones stroll around the neighborhood.


2. Making storybook characters come alive is so special. Our favorite rendition is this smart If You Give a Mouse a Cookie creation. A simple, clever costume to make any child happy, especially if this is her favorite storybook.


3. My nephews are so obsessed with this one, Minecraft characters. These easy to make costumes only require painting cardboard boxes and coordinating clothes to match. Make it even more fun by letting kids paint or glue the squares on their costumes!


4. “What do you want to be this year?” “I want to be a cupcake!” Sometimes the best costume ideas are from our own kids. This little cupcake girl is super happy, and even better for parents, she’ll be extra warm and cozy in the cold late fall weather!


5. Not a great sewer? No problem! Check out this awesome paper doll costume! We love the ingenuity of this idea, as well as the nostalgic feels it gives. I remember when I used to make paper dolls as a kid. Let your child design and draw her own dress on regular sketch paper, then bring it to life-size for an extra special, clever costume!


6. Want to go above and beyond? Our favorite detailed costume is this Officer Judy Hopps from Zootopia. Perfect for your own crime-stopping and cuddly, awesome child!


7. Got a pair or three best friends that want to go trick-or-treating in the same costume? How about this cute and easy jellybean bag idea? Kids can help out by blowing water balloons for colorful, lightweight “jellybeans.”


8. If you’re looking to coordinate costumes for the entire family, we love this easy and fun, stick figure costume idea. Use black duct tape to create the lines of the stick figure body, and draw your own version of stick figure face/mask. Let loose and have fun!


9. Go up another level in family costume coordination with this awesome Lego family idea! Choose your favorite Lego characters and bring them to life with a cardboard box body and a more intricate styrofoam head/mask. You’ll need to head to Lowes or Home Depot for this one!


10. Family Halloween coordinated costumes are never complete without seeing our favorite celebrity families rocking crazy cool costumes! My absolute top celebrity family in costume is definitely Neil Patrick Harris’s. Every year, I and many others, wait for Harris to post his super cute, super awesome family Halloween costume photo. My favorite part about this family is that the kids are always the stars. When they were rocking Batman as a family, the children were superheroes Batman and Batwoman while the parents were popular Batman villains. Here they’re a Star Wars family, and again the kids are the main stars as Luke and Leia while Harris and husband Burtka are supporting their little stars as Obi Wan and Han Solo.

No matter how simple or outrageous your family’s costumes are, what matters most is the excitement and happiness of our kids during Halloween season. At Kudo Banz, we can’t wait to celebrate Halloween this year with all our friends and family!

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