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Top 5 Fun Summer Activities for Kids!

This summer we are all about keeping the kids busy. We have been lucky to have some great summer days and have been trying to get in as much pool and beach time in as possible this summertime. However, sometimes the kids want to do some fun different activities so we gathered our favorite ideas for summer for you guys. Here are 5 ideas to keep the kids busy this summer.

1. Make a bubble wand for bubble wands with the kids! This craft is simple and so much fun for the little ones. Grab your extra pipe cleaners hanging around from your craft bin and get to making these simple but fun-shaped bubble wands. You can even add colorful beads to them to make it even more customized and a sensory building project for the kids!

bubble wand craft

Source: https://www.redtedart.com/bubble-wand-making-station/

2. This activity is perfect for those rainy days when the kids are bored and you don’t have a craft lined up. This is an easy to do, fun and a little messy craft will have your little ones so happy. All you need is cool whip and food coloring to get started. You then have an activity that will keep the kids entertained all afternoon long. The best part of this is that you don’t have to worry about them putting anything in their mouth as its all editable. The kids will love this fun and easy to do activity. 

finger painting craft

Source: https://thesavvysparrow.com/edible-finger-paint-rainy-day-activity/

 3. Get outside and stay cool on those hot summer days with this fun ice block-breaking activity! The kids will love hammering down and discovering what fun prizes you’ve put in this cold ice block. Make sure to watch the kids with any tools you give them to break up the ice, as we always want to make sure little hands are kept safe. As an alternative to breaking it, you can use lukewarm water and see how long the sun and water take to melt the prizes!


4. This messy but fun project will have the kids literally jumping with joy! Turn a normally fun activity into a super fun activity with paint or tye-dye. Fill up water balloons with washable paint or tye-dye and throw a white sheet down and let the kid have at it. They will love throwing these colorful water balloons and seeing what colors they can make on the sheet. Sometimes it’s fun to get messy!! Pro Mom Hint: Dilute the paint bombs so that they will be super easy to wash it out of clothes, and skin too. (If using tye-dye be prepared to dress the kiddos and you in an old outfit and stain some hands and feet!)


Source: https://adespresso.com/blog/instagram-hashtags-strategy/

5. Have a Pirate day together! Have the kids dress up and do pirate activities like paint your own treasure box and find the pirate booty, the kids and I love a good old fashion treasure hunt! We all dress like our favorite swashbuckler from our pirate collection and get to searching in our own backyard. You can have special pirate snacks out for the kids, like pirate booty and dirt ups where they find a special gummy surprise at the bottom! The kids have so much fun finding the buried “treasure” and all acting like pirates for the afternoon!

pirate day

These five simple but fun summer activities for the kids will sure to be a huge hit and keep them busy during those “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do” scary parent moments! Keep an eye out for our next top 5 blogs next time all about getting the kids ready for school.

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