Parenting: The Comic Truth

White Lies We Say to Our Kids to Get Them to Listen

“If we don’t take a bath now, your hair will never grow as long as Rapunzel’s” I said to my then 3 year old niece who desperately needed a bath and was currently no where near wanting to go in the tub. This was my last attempt to motivate her. I had filled the bath with bubbles, got her favorite mermaid toys, and now this auntie was resorting to straight up fibbing. Finally, after hearing that her hair might not grow long like her favorite Disney princess, she came barreling into the bathroom ready to go “dub dub in a tub”. But first she made sure to make me promise to be extra careful when putting the water over her head. Oh the life of being a girl!

Sometimes moms, dads and even aunties need to tell little white lies to get the kids to listen. Here are my top 5 funny “white lies” we’ve all told our kids:

1. After hearing the same song or phrase over and over mama is ready for a slight break!

2. Mamas, aren’t we always trying to get our picky eaters to eat in any way possible?

3. No, we don’t want to hear the theme song all day or deal with the tantrum that happens once the show is over.

4. We know the app is called Angry Birds, but why do you throw a fit once it’s time to stop playing?

5. Sorry kid, but it’s exhausting enough just taking care of you!

Raising kids can be a tough job, and sometimes we need these little white lies to make life easier and make our little ones listen. So, don’t feel bad next time you tell your kid the dog ate that “project” that you were suppose to make for them and keep fibbing on.